How it Works


The YahClick satellite Internet connection delivers upstream (outgoing) and downstream (incoming) data to and from a PC or a Mac computer through a high throughput satellite. The end user computer will have high speed Internet access via an Ethernet connection to the YahClick modem. The computer may be connected to the YahClick modem directly or can be attached to a wireless hub or router to connect wirelessly.

Upon subscription to the YahClick service, YahClick Service Partners process the order, install the YahClick terminal, and activate the service. The YahClick terminal includes the YahClick Satellite Receiver (either a 98 cm or a 120 cm dish along with the Transmit/Receive device) and the YahClick modem.

The YahClick Satellite receiver can be mounted on a roof, wall or via pole mount on the ground. Once connected, the end user computer sends a request to the YahClick modem, which passes the request to the YahClick satellite. The satellite receives this signal and sends it to one of the YahClick gateways. The request then goes to the Internet Backbone, which retrieves the requested web content from the web server. The whole cycle is then reversed and the requested data is sent to the end user.

Depending on the location of the user and the corresponding beam, the Y1B satellite will route the subscriber’s incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the respective YahClick gateway (Abu Dhabi, Luxembourg, Madrid, or Athens).