Satellite has long been the only option for certain key vertical markets when it comes to fulfilling their remote communication needs. Now, with improved broadband capabilities, new opportunities in a range of business sectors are widely available.

YahClick, a brand new satellite service provided by Yahsat, is the answer for reliable Internet broadband connections in demanding markets across the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia.

As well as being a solution for primary broadband Internet access, YahClick also offers broadband backup access to ensure connectivity and help businesses stay online during network failures and in times of crises. YahClick’s flexible and variable service plans are available for different high speed broadband Internet mainstream markets as well as niche segments which have more specific connectivity requirements. Below are different vertical segments that would benefit from YahClick service.

The Oil and Gas industry operates in some of the harshest, most remote and most demanding environments in the world. Technicians, engineers, and general staff require reliability and security for mission critical applications, and also need to communicate regularly in an affordable way with their families, regardless of their locations.

Internet availability for staff is a key factor in employee retention and satisfaction, and existing systems cannot meet these requirements in a cost effective manner. With affordable and high speed Internet access from YahClick, companies in the Oil and Gas industry can provide connectivity suitable for personal and corporate use with cost effective packages to suit multiple needs.

Keyy Benefits And Applications

  • Minimised costs for growing bandwidth needs of exploration and production
  • Low cost of ownership enables personal use
  • Multiple home and business service plans
  • Team communication and collaboration
  • Direct connection through satellite to subscribers
  • Friendly and helpful technical and customer care support