Secure VPN Optimized Remote Office Backup Your Link

We can secure your VPN, optimize your remote office and help you back up your link with the use of Yahclick broadband internet whether the subscriber is onshore or offshore, remote office or Humanitarian camp sites we can provide the needed solution.

Key Benefits:

TCP stream compression

  • Eliminate redundant patterns inside a TCP session
  • On the fly stream compression
    • Generic data compression
      > Not a file compression neither object compression but TCP stream compression independent of application layer
    • Use Deflate protocol
    • Negotiated per session

Data duplication

  • Eliminate redundant patterns on long period of times
    • Constant inspection of TCP streams to detect redundant data patterns and build dictionary (association data pattern / label)
    • Data patterns are TCP session and application independent
    • Complementary to deflate (labels transmit along with compressed data)
    • Effective in both directions
    • Negotiated per TCP session

Text compression

  • GZIP compression by UDgateway and decompression by browser
  • Supports wide range of mime types

Picture quality optimization

  • Picture re-compression with ability to request full size image

Advertising rejection: FILTERING

  • List based
  • Advertising replaced with generic, fixed image
  • Typically, removed all flash advertising


  • Cache for processed objects
  • Avoids compressing compressed images