High performance, reliable and wide reaching

Due to the highly flexible system design, we will bundle hardware and service packages tailor-made for specific markets and user segments, Users will be able to instantly connect to the Internet via a satellite dish and satellite modem anywhere within the coverage area. They will be able to access a whole world of Internet services without having to wait for terrestrial infrastructure to be developed. Even in areas of rainfall, the technology will adjust the power required to ensure the link is maintained and not lost or disrupted

YahClick is offered through a new generation of satellites that leverage higher bandwidth available in Ka-band.

These high throughput satellites are based on a multi-spot beam payload and are optimized for delivering broadband services. The main advantages over conventional satellites include:

  • More efficiency on the ground
  • Cost effective bandwidth supply due to efficient frequency re-use in spot beams.
  • Faster access speeds with high reliability

Frequency re-use and satellite technology

  • In a frequency re-use scheme, the same frequency is re-used numerous times over different geographical areas, much like cellular phone technology (GSM cells)
  • Frequency re-use increases spectrum efficiency which directly translates into increased throughput
  • Ka-band allows for frequency re-use on satellites because of its high frequency